Low-altitude Aerial specialists.

This demo reel has over 100,0000 views online...

A fun day of flying with Shaq and a few other NBA greats.

Our copter with a man that really knows how to fly.  Note: Shaq not included.

An entire commercial filmed from a copter.

Aerials for Interrogate for Georgia Power commercials.

Samples of campuses across the country...


Aerial highlights from Dewees Island - check out our full marketing video for Dewees here (FIX THIS LINK).

The award winning aerial demo reel that started it all.

MultiRotor Forums devised a contest which asked, "Why fly a multirotor?" We answered that question with this video, and we won.

Back when the Panasonic GH3 was a new camera, we gave it a wild test flight, and Panasonic loved it.

This was just a fun test we did with MotoX rider, Heather Williams for ESPN.