Testing Settings

We used an off day to test settings on our HoverflyPRO flight controller. Velcroed to the top of the copter is a battery surrounded by eight ESC's, which control the speed of each individual motor.

Ben Rowland pilots the Cinestar 8 towards the front door of a house. The shot began across the street over 150 feet away.

Both the copter and gimbal are controlled by two Futaba T8FG remotes.

Orientation lights and tape let us know what direction the front of the copter is facing. The yellow velcro holds the battery which powers our 360 degree gimbal, downlink system and remote receiver. 

The legs of the Cinestar 8 rotate with the 360 degree gimbal. Ben uses the red orientation light to find the rear of the copter.

Yonder Blue camera operator, Will Wheeler, has control of 360 degrees of pan and 85 degrees of tilt. Using a wireless downlink, Will can see the footage in real-time on the ground.

Check out the shot in the video below.