Aerial Tips - Lesson #1

Recently, people have been contacting us about how to sharpen their aerial video chops.  Now, we're not the Bruce Lee of aerial video, but we'd like to think that we're well on our way to a black belt.  So we've decided to share a few tips about what we've learned along the way.

We proudly present a cheesy new series of videos called "Aerial Tips."  Very original title, huh?

Aerial Tips - Lesson #1 from Yonder Blue Films on Vimeo.

Now if we get more than five views, we may actually release a lesson 2 video.  But let's talk a bit about lesson #1 - "Keep it moving."  If you're a student of film, you may have noticed that good directors and DPs keep the camera moving, whether it's on the shoulder of a great camera op, on a dolly, or on a Steadicam.  Whether subtle or grand, camera movement adds visual depth to a scene, giving it dimension.

So if your camera is mounted on something that flies, you might as well make it move.  Hovering shots may show how stable your aircraft is, but it doesn't make for a very exciting shot.

Have a great moving shot you'd like to share?  Post it in the comments.  And if you liked this video, feel free to click on the share button in the upper right corner and post it to your grandma's Facebook page.  We hear she has some sick RC heli skills.

Note: This video was shot from a Cinestar 8 with a Hoverfly Pro flight controller (the killer combo).  Piloted by Benjamin Rowland and camerawork by Will Wheeler (the dynamic duo).