An innovative reflector...

When we come across an awesome piece of equipment, we like to tell people about it. 

This week we'd like to bring your attention to the Nori SquareBounce reflector.  Reflecting the sun or a light is an easy way to turn a good shot into a great shot.  We've tried a lot of reflectors during our decades in the business, but the SquareBounce is by far the best - wish we had invented it!  You can check out their video to see the features that set their reflector apart.

We've used them on several productions lately. 

One shoot involved several interviews, so we used a "book light" technique with the SquareBounce to make everyone look their best, and our client, Wofford College, was very happy with the result.  See for yourself below.

This interview based fundraiser video was a fun challenge. We temporarily turned a basement chapel into a working studio.

A majority of the other reflectors on the market don't do well in the wind. 

They get blown around, and this results in a flickering effect that typically ruins the shot.   The rigid structure of the SquareBounce makes filming in windy conditions much easier.  For a recent island shoot, where wind was a big factor, the SquareBounce proved it's worth.  (One thing to note, this isn't a paid endorsement - we paid full price for a pair of silver and white reflectors and they are worth every penny.)  Check out the results of the Dewees Island shoot for yourself below.


As we come across more great gear, we'll be sure to post about it.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to be notified of future posts.