Xoar carbon fiber props

We've recently been fortunate to try out Xoar's new PJP-T carbon fiber props on one of our multirotors.  We want to share our first impressions of these beauties.  And they really do make quite the first impression - they look great bolted to brushless motors mounted on carbon fiber booms.

They're ridiculously light and very strong.  They only weigh 12 grams!  That's less than half the weight of Xoar's popular beechwood props (which we use on our heavy lifter Cinestar 8).  We put them on the prop balancer, and they're spot on.  There's no need to balance them because they're ready to fly.

And how do they fly?  Really well. The light weight allows the multirotor motors to react quickly.  When it inevitably gets windy, quick reactions are important.  And when you want maximum flight time, every gram counts. 

If it sounds like we're gushing over these props, it's because they're worthy of the praise.  Are the Xoar carbon fiber props worth the investment for your multirotor?  If you want the best, absolutely. 

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