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Directed by Benjamin Rowland for The Public Lands Project - click to support this great cause.

Our latest TV Pilot...

Radical Remedy is a half-hour documentary-style series with hints of MythBusters, The Doctors, and Dirty Jobs. Host David Cole takes a common-man approach to exploring alternative medicine and testing the unorthodox methods (often on himself!) to find cures. The results vary from miraculous to ‘meh,’ and his quest dives into diverse destinations to meet experts, believers, and nonbelievers along the way.

Radical Remedy blends education, humor, and humanity. The pilot was produced by Yonder Blue Films, a proven production company with a successful track record in TV and film. Executive Producer Benjamin Rowland was also a producer on NBC Sports’ longest running show. Watch the pilot for Radical Remedies now – and find the hit show to cure what’s been ailing your lineup.

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Here to tell your story.


Wofford College commissioned us to create a video for prospective students before their campus tour. 

The mission: Dive beyond the beautiful campus into the heart of what makes Wofford so special.